How do I Make Money from Antique Silver? And What is the Best Time to Sell Antique Silver?

If you’ve just inherited your Great Aunt’s collection or are ready to let go of your own, you may be wondering how to make money from antique silver. Regardless of how you acquired it, you’ll want to learn all you can about the antique silver market, like when the best time to sell your wares, so you can maximize your return.

Sterling Silver items

Antique Silver Buyers

It’s imperative to note that antique silver buyers are not all created equally. In fact, far from it. Some are shady and are out to pay you very little for your valuable pieces or will sky off into the shadows without paying you at all.

Others are salt of the earth, reputable dealers who are knowledgeable and fair. Those antique silver buyers are the ones you want to seek out. They understand and appreciate the market and are able to give you a great price for your silver and still turn around and sell it for a profit. Why? Because they are professional antique silver buyers and that’s how they make their living.

Sterling Flatware Buyers

Also included in the silver buying category are those who deal with sterling flatware buying, both antique and contemporary. Many antique silver buyers buy both, sterling flatware and antique silver. You will, however, want to be sure before you go to an antique silver dealer assuming he or she will also be interested in your sterling flatware, or vice versa.

What is the Best Time to Sell Your Silver?

The best time to sell your antique silver is a personal matter. If you need the money now, by all means…sell immediately. Do beware that when selling is urgent, you are more likely to act hastily which can mean you don’t take your time to sell for top dollar. If possible, sell with patience and you’ll be rewarded. The market has ebbs and flows. You’ll do well to watch the stock market to determine when the price of silver is up. That is the most ideal time to sell if and only if you can wait that long.

Finding a Reputable Silver Buyer

Whether you’re looking into antique silver buyers, sterling flatware buyers, antique flatware buyers, or all of the above, there are some measures you can take to help ensure your sale will be successful. Make sure the buyer has verifiable references. Check to see how long they have been in business. Look for an online presence. Ask others in the silver industry about the prospective buyer. Once you find a dealer who operates with integrity, stick with them. You’ve struck gold.

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